Benefits of Fleet Branding through Vehicle Wraps

fleet vehicle wraps

Benefits of Fleet Branding through Vehicle Wraps

Using vehicle wraps to brand your fleet is a great alternative to traditional forms of advertising. In addition to creating a positive image for your company and having a greater impact than other forms of advertising, such as billboards or newspaper ads, vehicle wraps are cost effective and versatile. Wrapping your fleet vehicles is an extremely profitable decision, as branded vehicles excel in creating brand recognition.

Branded vehicles can rack up thousands of impressions per day as the vehicles are in transit or parked. Studies show that wrapped vehicles traveling in or around a major city can generate over 65,000 visual impressions per day, while wrapped vehicles traveling in suburban areas can generate over 30,000 visual impressions daily.

Now imagine using wraps to brand an entire fleet of vehicles. The benefits grow exponentially. If you are wondering whether to wrap or not to wrap, here are some of the benefits of fleet branding through vehicle wraps.

Attention Grabbing

Attractive and bright vehicle wraps can help distinguish your company vehicles from other vehicles on the road. People notice a colorful, well-designed vehicle wrap. Once you have their attention, drivers are able to read the message on your vehicles. Attractive vehicle wraps are both engaging and informative.

Cost-Effective Advertising

High-quality paint jobs for your fleet vehicles can be quite expensive. A vehicle wrap costs substantially less. And unlike billboards and other forms of advertising, vehicle wraps are inexpensive and more effective because they can generate results for many years to come. When it comes to vehicle wraps for multiple vehicles or fleets, the cost savings are significant.

Easy to Change and Clean

One of the most notable benefits of wrapping vehicles rather than painting them is the fact that wraps are quick and easy to change. Instead of spending a lot of money on a new paint job just to update your vehicle’s appearance or message, you can simply get an affordable new vehicle wrap for a beautiful and striking transformation.


Vehicle wraps also help protect your fleet vehicles from minor body abrasions, and stone chips and can be easily removed without damaging the vehicle’s paint job. Wraps help keep your fleet of vehicles in good condition. Additionally, because wrapped vehicles are highly visible and easily recognizable, they are an unattractive target for theft.

Professional Image

Vehicle wraps are an effective way to strengthen your company’s brand identity and professional image. Tired looking company vehicles can have a negative effect on your brand. Quickly and easily revamp them with high-quality vehicle wraps. A fleet of wrapped vehicles instantly creates the perception of a successful, established brand.

Local Audience

Vehicle wrap advertising specifically targets the local market in which the vehicles are driven. This makes them a useful tool for small businesses whose target market is the community in which the vehicles regularly travel.

As a fleet manager, you can make a significant contribution to your company’s financial goals by wrapping fleet vehicles as a cost-effective method for boosting brand recognition and building positive brand association.

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