Change Your Coffee, Change Your Life


Change Your Coffee, Change Your Life

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Earlier this month, Full Sail Graphics & Marketing created a vehicle wrap with the slogan, “Change Your Coffee, Change Your Life.” If you ask the coffee drinkers of the world, just about every single one would agree with that sentiment.  A good cup of joe can set the tone for the morning or entire day. Personally, I have not been able to get the slogan out of my head. Therefore, I figured why not write a blog for all of the other hard-working men and women who are fueled, not only by our drive to succeed but by the coffee we drink.

Coffee Anyone?

If you’re like me, the promise of that morning cup of coffee is enough to get you out of bed even on the days when the snooze button seems like your best friend. I know there are thousands of us dedicated coffee lovers who could not possibly imagine starting their day without a cup of coffee. In fact, USA Today estimates that well over 150 million people drink coffee every single morning. Syracuse professor Bob Thompson even joked that the nation runs on “petroleum and coffee.”


Even if coffee is not your beverage of choice, chances are you pass by plenty of coffee shops on the way to work or even in your office. After all, it is widely recognized as one of the most popular drinks in the world. The drink has evolved into a $30 billion-per-year industry. Its popularity has led National Coffee Association president Joe DeRupo to point out that “it’s part beverage, part pop culture.”

Coffee stands witness to so many important personal and business relationships. The social function of coffee and coffee shops is so key in everyday life because of the ambiance that coffee shops can create. Coffee houses forge an environment that is the perfect casual meeting place, place to work, place to discuss business decisions, or place to study. The coffee shop could almost be considered the town square of modern days.

In essence, what we are saying is that changing your coffee really can change your life. Coffee plays a role in our relationships, professional or otherwise. According to various studies, coffee in moderation even has positive effects on overall personal health and wellness.

So here’s to coffee and here’s to YS Health for having Full Sail Graphics & Marketing create their vehicle wrap.

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