Creating a Great Campaign Sign Design: Everything You Need to Know About Campaign Sign Marketing

Campaign Sign Design

Creating a Great Campaign Sign Design: Everything You Need to Know About Campaign Sign Marketing

It takes five to seven impressions for you to produce any brand awareness. To spread the word about your campaign, you need a stand-out design, consistency, and a lot of repetition. With a creative, branded campaign sign design, you can boost brand awareness and expand your reach!

Unsure about how to get started with campaign sign marketing?

We’ve reviewed everything you need to know below! Keep reading to discover the marketing benefits and how to improve your sign design for a great campaign.

4 Tips for Creating a Great Campaign Sign Design

When developing your campaign sign design, you want to make sure you stand out from other signs. Besides prioritizing uniqueness, you also want to make sure your sign is easy-to-read. Otherwise, you’ve already missed an opportunity to reach new followers!

Here are four tips that can help you create more effective campaigns.

1. Consider the Overall Sign Size

The first step in developing your campaign sign design is to consider the size. The bigger the sign, the easier it is to see. However, the ideal size of your sign depends on where you’re placing it.

Imagine someone speeding by on the freeway versus someone cruising through a neighborhood. You can use smaller signs when cars are moving slower. Otherwise, you’ll want a much larger sign size to make sure drivers can read your message.

You’ll also want to choose locations where your sign will remain clear and visible.

Prepare for a variety of weather conditions, including high winds, by using sturdy reinforcements. Without heavy wire stakes and ties, your signs won’t remain firmly planted in the ground.

Check with local regulations, as your location might enforce size restrictions regarding campaign signs. You don’t want to print large signs, only to realize they aren’t allowed.

2. Choose Your Typeface

Once you know how large your signs are, it’s easier to choose your font. Remember, you want to make sure your signs remain legible. If the font is difficult to read, your campaign sign design has already failed.

A few typeface choices include:

  • Serif
  • Sans serif
  • Bold
  • Italics

Leave out script or thin typefaces. Instead, consider sticking to simple, classic typefaces such as:

  • Frutiger
  • Garamond
  • Helvetic

People should have an easy time distinguishing each letter, even from a distance. None of the letters should appear smaller than three inches. Instead, choose text sizes that are proportional to the sign’s overall size.

Before you mass print your campaign signs, test one out. Print your message in different sizes on a sheet of paper. Then, continue stepping back to make it’s still easy to read.

This test can help you ensure your message is still easy to read from a distance.

3. Arrange Your Copy & Negative Space

Keep it simple. The shorter your message, the better. Remember, most people seeing your campaign sign design are moving drivers.

At most, you’ll need to include your name and the office you’re running for. An effective campaign sign design is focused on getting the main message across: your name. To help people remember you at the polls, make sure your last name stands out.

If your website is complicated and difficult to remember, leave it out. Drivers aren’t likely to see a URL you’ve squeezed into the bottom of the sign. They won’t have time to write the website while they’re driving, either.

Once you have your copy, include a lot of negative space around your content. Negative space gives your copy and imagery space to breathe. Try to give negative space 60% of your sign, and 40% for your copy.

4. Determine Colors & Imagery

Color improves brand recognition by up to 80%. When choosing colors for your campaign sign design, make sure they don’t impact the sign’s readability. Use bold colors and gradients to help your signs stand out.

Try a four-color sign. While most campaign signs feature two colors to save money, four colors will help you appear less generic.

Make sure your copy and the background of your sign use contrasting colors. For example, use dark text on a light background, or vice versa. Otherwise, people might have a difficult time reading your signs.

Then, complete your signs with a candidate head shot. A recognizable face can help your sign stand out from the rest.

Avoid these outdoor signage mistakes before you create your design.

5 Marketing Benefits of Campaign Signs

Here are the five reasons you should improve your campaign sign design before Election Day.

1. Affordable

Campaign signs are an affordable way to expand your reach and increase your message’s visibility. The brand awareness you develop from your signs will increase your return on investment.

2. Durable

Proper campaign signs will withstand inclement weather. By choosing from professional campaign sign companies, you can ensure that your signs will hold up.

3. Easy Installation

If you have limited volunteers or a time constraint, purchasing signs can help your campaign. Signs are easy and fast to make. Once created, you won’t have to spend a lot of time installing them across town.

You can always speak to a professional for tips on how to best install your signs.

4. Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is essential for an effective campaign. If you want to spread the word, you can use campaign signs to reach an entire community. As a result, you can increase brand awareness and promote your campaign across your local area.

5. Custom Sizes

There are many shapes and sizes you can choose from. Instead of mimicking your competitors, you can choose a custom sign size that will ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Campaign Sign Design: This is the Sign You’re Looking For

Looking for a sign that it’s time to improve your campaign sign design? This is it! With a strategic, creative design, you can improve your marketing and attract more followers.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to develop your own campaign signs!