Font Selection Can Increase Sales

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Font Selection Can Increase Sales

Here’s a riddle for you: if a bat and a ball cost $1.10, and the bat cost $1.00 more than the ball, how much does the ball cost?

I’m willing to bet you answered 10 cents… And unfortunately that answer is incorrect. But, not to worry. Sixty three percent of Harvard University students answered the same way.

Look back at the question and really think it through. Now, I’m willing to bet that you came to the conclusion that the correct answer is 5 cents.

What if I were to tell you that the reason you answered the way you did is because of the font? That’s right. New marketing studies are showing that font choice has an enormous influence on how readers perceive content.

Font Matters

There are two systems in our brain. One is quick and effortless. Let’s call this intuition. Then, there is another system that is slow and uses more effort. We’ll call this the analytical system. Both systems are infinitely valuable in our day to day lives.

The intuition based brain system helps us with quick thought processes, like ‘What is 2 + 2?’ or ‘What color is the sky?’

The analytical brain system is activated when we are faced with a more difficult question, like ‘What is 3425 + 2189 + 7483?’ or ‘What is the effect of a writ of habeas corpus?’ Both of these questions can be answered; they just require a little more thought.

Font type can trick your brain into using the intuitive system or the analytical system. To your brain ‘What is 2+2?’ basically looks like ‘What is 3425 + 2189 + 7483?’ if the question is in a hard to read font. Your brain has to work harder to read the question. This cognitive strain sends the question over to the analytical side of your brain.


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How Font Impacts Sales & Marketing

The font type that you choose can have an enormous effect on sales based on research into the different systems involved in cognitive decision making.

When making a sale, the goal is always to prove there is value in your service or product. If you utilize easy to read fonts and keep things simple to draw customers in, they are more likely to continue consuming content. And, as they continue to consume content they are more likely to see the value in your product. Purchasing your product or service should feel like the next logical, instinctual step in the process.

The fact that font matters in this process should not come as a surprise to anyone. Face it, there’s a reason that this blog post is in Arial, there is a reason English papers are written in Times New Roman, and there’s a reason that you have never submitted a resume in Zapfino. When something is easy to read, it is easy to digest and is therefore more accessible to the consumer.

Remember, people are lazy. We would rather use the intuitive system of our brain than the analytical system because it is much easier. The more simple it is for a potential customer to understand and find value in your product, the more likely they are to go from potential client to client.

Why Do We Worry About This?

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