Wayfinding Graphics Guide the Way

Wayfinding Graphics

Wayfinding Graphics Guide the Way

Ads, signage, and other stimuli are developed to constantly attract the consumer’s attention. Capturing and retaining the attention of consumers is not easy.

Nowadays, mobile phones have increased more consumer attention competition. You can read and send emails, texts, interact on social media, and read the news while on the go.

These factors are making it hard to have the attention of a consumer. Despite all the challenges, it is now possible to get the attention of the consumer. This is made possible by using disruptive tactics such as the wayfinding graphics.

The Basics of Wayfinding Graphics

Wayfinding graphics capture the person’s attention in several ways. First, well-done signage reduces instances of confusion, offers increased safety measures, and helps in maintaining an efficient facility, and lead the guests to the desired destination.

Have your target audience in mind when creating signage. For example, to grab the attention and to communicate effectively to a person looking down on their phone, use floor graphics.

Wayfinding has a way of alerting users who are unfamiliar with a building environment and is the best way is to guide people in the right way.

Here are different uses of graphics in various scenarios:

1. Retail

In retail shops, such as grocery or clothing stores, wayfinding graphics are used to help keep the traffic moving and to avoid confusion around the shop.

They are used in running a promotion in the retail stores. For example, wayfinding graphics can be used to direct the customers to the part of the store where the promotion is being carried out.

2. Production Facilities

In the production industries, wayfinding graphics are useful to both the equipment operators and staff members. It keeps everyone safe by ensuring the pathways are clear and enhances the efficiency of the production house.

Wayfinding graphics are used to mark lanes and serve as reminders. They indicate queues for the workers and the machinery. They assist in giving directions on which section of the production plant to avoid or stay.

Other than promoting the operation efficiency of the production facility, the graphics help the employees and guests to stay safe and in the right way.

3. Sports Venues

Sporting activities attract a lot of spectators. Without the right signage, the situation can get confusing and chaotic quickly inside the sporting arenas. Wayfinding graphics helps the guests to find their way to food stands, restrooms, drinks, car parking, or any other facility.

In bigger facilities such as in the theme parks or sports arenas, wayfinding graphics helps guide the guests to the correct entrances from the parking lot.

4. Professional Spaces

Installations in professional settings are quite easy to understand. They are not meant to encourage sales. They are simply put in place to guide guests and staff in moving from point A to B.

The printed graphics are versatile to encourage different companies to be creative. For instance, to make the patients more comfortable in a hospital, they can use a children’s wing’s signage that is brighter, dynamic, and more fascinating.

However, the challenge with wayfinding graphics is to ensure they are easily understood by the consumers. Most facilities overlook the design and placement. They fail to achieve what they intending with the graphics.

Before creating the graphic, visualize how the guests will perceive the signage. Think of how the graphic is going to fit into the environment. Is the facility the most effective place for the installation of the graphic?

Ensure that you are saving the costs on the graphics and that it achieves its goals. Look if they achieve the objectives such as increasing sales, improving safety, or improving brand loyalty. It is important to have a clear objective for the installation of the graphics.

Do not install the graphics without first evaluating the purpose and determining the design and the suitable placement location to support the purpose.

Customers are bound to come back if they encounter a positive experience. Poor signage on a facility makes it hard to navigate across the facility. This leaves a bad impression on the consumers or the guests. This will most likely damage the reputation of the brand or the facility.

Wayfinding graphics help guide the consumer’s way around the facility. Having an easy and stress- free time at a facility is a guarantee that they are bound to come back soon.

To learn more about how you can use wayfinding graphics to increase awareness and safety in your facility and help lead your guests to their destination, contact the team at Full Sail Graphics & Marketing.

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