The Key Benefits of Environmental Graphics in the Workplace

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The Key Benefits of Environmental Graphics in the Workplace

What impact do environmental graphics have on the workplace? Well, to understand the answer to this question, it helps to understand what environmental graphic design is. In environmental graphic design, a designer pulls together various design elements so as to integrate them into the overall design. The goal is to engage people and make them feel more connected to a space.

Environmental design uses architecture, graphic design, interior design, industrial design, and landscaping to create an experience. These designs can fulfill a wide variety of purposes, from helping a client find their way to helping them understand your business. Of course, while fulfilling these purposes, they optimize design elements to create a unique and memorable aesthetic.

Using environmental graphics in your business can transform the appearance of your space. The difference can have a tremendous impact on your employees and clients!

Continue reading to learn the multitude of benefits that environmental graphics can bring to your business.

Give Clear Directions

One common way in which businesses implement environmental graphics is for wayfinding. Instead of simple, run of the mill signs, this method uses creative graphics to guide people and mark different areas.

This is useful if you have a large facility with lots of different levels or work areas. Wayfinding is also useful if you have many clients that come to your location who might need to find different service providers within your space.

Replace the boring, text-only signs for things like bathrooms, elevators, and offices with boldly designed environmental graphics. You might suspend graphics from the ceiling, apply them to walls, or even put arrows on the floor to offer directional assistance.

This will update the look of your office to something more modern and streamlined while also allowing people to spot your signage with increased ease. This has the potential to cut down on clients asking for directions, which has a direct impact on employee productivity.

Such graphics can also make your workplace safer. Clear, bold signage prevents people from accidentally wandering into areas they might not belong in.

Support Branding Initiatives

Brand recognition helps you grow your familiarity in the community. Being consistent across the board, from social media platforms to your website to your office signage is important to developing your brand recognition. Simple things like consistent brand colors have been shown to boost your company recognition by more than 80%.

Environmental graphics can help grow that branding for clients who visit your site. You can display them in windows to draw attention to people who pass your company.

It’s not just about plastering your logo on the walls. The graphics should incorporate the overall branding and vibe that you wish to achieve. For example, if your company aims to be seen as modern and forward-thinking, you want smooth, clean designs to match that–not outdated paper signs!

Tell Your Company Story

Another part of your branding is sharing your company values. When consumers feel like they have something in common with your company, they are more likely to become customers.

Displaying company values through graphic design also reminds employees of the things that you’d like them to live up to in their daily work. This encourages staff to encourage teamwork and develop a feeling of unity around core values.

Such values can be conveyed through visuals and words. Single words or phrases can be integrated with graphics to create a complete idea.

Along similar lines, showing your company history through graphics can help build a sense of community and pride in your company. Showing where your company came from can inspire companies to work for continued growth while showing where your company aspires to go can help build efficiency around a shared vision.

Maximize Your Space

Creating an ideal work environment often requires a careful balance of elements. For example, employees often need privacy to block out distractions and keep confidential information protected. Despite this, they might still wish to remain connected to the rest of the office or the world outside of their work area.

If you have offices with large glass windows or walls, graphics can help you to achieve that balance. The graphics will add visual appeal and block out various areas to create the illusion of privacy. The best part is, it still allows light to flow and leaves some spaces open so that employees can interact and build positive workplace relationships.

Boost Workplace Morale

Environmental graphics can make the workplace a more enjoyable place to be. When attractive graphics great your employees every day, they are more likely to feel better about coming to work.

Keeping morale high isn’t just about having happy employees. Companies that worry about keeping employees happy and engaged could boost profitability by 21%.

When your employees feel better about being at work, they are more likely to do their best work for you. Furthermore, adding a creative flair to the space could encourage your employees to stretch their own thinking and challenge attitudes to grow to new heights at work.

Choosing the designs strategically can push your employees to think creatively and try new things. This could help propel your business with new, creative approaches to solve the challenges your employees face each day.

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Understanding the benefits of environmental graphics helps you understand why they are worth the investment. Just like you wouldn’t leave your home with sterile, blank walls, you don’t want to leave your office space plain.

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